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HHO Booster is a Do-It-Yourself, affordable and SIMPLE technology that will save you hundreds of dollars every month!

HHO Booster will make your car
a Water Hybrid and will Save you
Hundreds on Fuel costs!

Big Oil Companies Don't Want You To Know the Secret
That Hydrogen Fuel
Is Far Cheaper, Safer
And More Powerful
Than Any Other Existing Fuel Today...

Moreover, it can be easily produced using a homemade generator with plain water and is guaranteed to increase your gas mileage!

As seen on TV
Please Watch the VIDEO

If you want to ...

  • Reduce your fuel cost with Hundreds of dollars every month ...
  • Increase the engine's horsepower and torque ...
  • Make your car's engine live longer with less costs ...

Then this is probably the most important
message that you'll ever read.

    Your engine efficiency

Did you know that a modern gasoline engine has an average efficiency of about 25 to 30%. In other words, 70 to 75% of the energy stored in that expensive fuel wastes as heat, pollution (unburned fuel!) and vibration, and only about 25% of energy moves the vehicle. Here you can find out how to build a hydrogen fuel cell for your car, that will make your car more efficient and cut your gas bill in half increasing your car's performance.

    How does HHO Booster work?

It's very simple really. You don't touch your engine. A small container is placed in the car, somewhere under the hood. You fill it with water. The device is supplied with electricity (12 Volts) from the battery, and via electrolysis it produces HHO gas (Hydrogen+Oxygen, Oxyhydrogen)

water booster

The HHO gas is supplied to the engine via intake manifold or carb. The gas then helps your gasoline burn more efficiently, while producing its own combustion. That added combustion of the hydrogen gives you more power, and ultimately requires less gasoline to run your engine, resulting, in better gas mileage. It seems like it violates the laws of physics? But it doesn't. We know that splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis requires more energy than you get by burning the hydrogen produced. But in our case HHO gas acts as a catalyst to better burn your gasoline and is increasing your engine efficiency.


Basically you will be using a HHO Booster system to turn your car into a hybrid, instead of having to buy one. HHO booster is a Do-It-Yourself, affordable and SIMPLE technology.


    So how would a HHO generator help save you money?

Stop and think about what happens in an engine that does not use hydrogen. Every fuel molecule that is not burned by your engine is wasted money out of your pocket.

HHO booster helps your gasoline burn more efficiently and increases your vehicle's gas mileage between 25% and 50%.
Now, consider for a moment that your vehicle has a 20 gallon gas tank and averages around 25 miles per gallon.

At 25%, you would be getting 125 more miles out of each tank of gas you put into your car.

That averages out to $15.00 of savings each time you fill up.

If your vehicle's mileage increases by 35% by installing a supplemental hydrogen generator, you will save $21.00 each time you fill up your tank.

That means a savings of almost $105 per month. That is $1260 per year! Every year!

Video Below of The Actual Unit Installed and Working!

Please watch ENTIRE VIDEO! It will amaze you!


    How Much Does it Cost?

The conversion guide is on sale today for only $29 and all of the raw materials cost less than $60 and are easy to find at your local hardware and auto-parts stores. The total investments are less than $100 and will be covered in less than 30 days! Once you get the conversion set-up, you can even start converting your friends' and family's cars and help them spend less money on gas.

The guide includes detailed instructions that are very easy to follow and offer the best value and performance available anywhere! (our competitors are asking $97 for a guide!!!)

The conversion Guide and All Plans are available for download
right after the payment

    How safe is it?

The process is very safe because the combustible gas is extracted on demand and burned steadily from the water, unlike larger volumes of pure hydrogen which are highly flammable.

Our generator produces hydrogen as your car needs it, rather than using storage tanks. Thousands of cars have been safely converted without any issues or incidents.

Best of all, this conversion process is completely reversible so it will not void your auto manufacturers warranty. It simply acts as an add-on to significantly increase your fuel efficiency.

See what the D.O.T. is officially saying about hydrogen fuel

    But Won't It Damage My Car?

We get this question all the time. The answer is simple: Your car is being damaged right now by unburned fuel! Our devices help not only eliminate carbon deposits caused by unburned gasoline - but will ACTIVELY clean out your engine every time you drive. Over the first few weeks you will notice that the engine becomes smoother and smoother. Then it will level off at a new level - at which the engine continues to steam-clean itself every day!

Every HHO booster device we've installed makes the engine more quiet & calm. It stops knocking or "pinging". The HHO gas changes the combustion cycle and makes it more even or "round". This happens immediately upon installation, and from that moment on your engine works in a new mode. The effect is not only less noise, it's also less vibration, resulting in reduced strain on the transmission leading to smoother gear shifts, cleaner pistons and valves, and generally better engine operation.

All of the above happens without losing engine power. In fact, any Drive on Water device widens the torque range and makes the vehicle accelerate faster. After acceleration, you don't have to press the gas pedal as much to keep riding.

Easy undo: Our technology does not change your vehicle's engine or computer, so if you ever decide that you want to remove the device, simply unhook it, and in about one minute or less your car is just as it was, only cleaner!

    Driving tips with your new Device

This device is like another source of gas for your engine, almost like high performance race cars, when they supplement with Nitrous, or other Alcohols. When you are driving with this device installed in your car, you will find that you need to apply less pressure to the gas pedal while still driving as fast as you normally do. The device continuously adds hydrogen and extra oxygen to your engine, resulting in continuous power boost, whether accelerating, driving up hill, or cruising down the highway.

With some installations, the "idle" can be adjusted, due to the fact that you are using far less gas, when at idle speeds.

Experiment, learn the feel of your newly improved vehicle. When you get to the desired speed on the highway, let some pressure off the gas pedal, and feel the car almost coasting with the extra boost from the device.

    Can I buy an assembled hydrogen generator?

A lot of companies are selling hydrogen generators for $1,000-$5,000 and they are worth every penny. However, they take over a year to pay for themselves.


H Generators


They are making really big money on this simple technology. And You can get all the secrets for as low as $29! If you are not a technician or don't have time to assemble HHO Booster by yourself, you'll be able to buy a ready-to-install Hydrogen Booster for as low as $200!

    What you get here for only $29

1. The Complete Illustrated Guide to building You Own HHO Booster and installing it to your car. (Guaranteed to increase your gas mileage by at least 25%)

2. 5 Different Plans of Hydrogen Generators (from simple and easy to build to complex and very powerful dry-cell designs)

3. Access to Real-Life Systems suppliers. (You can buy a ready-made hydrogen generator if you don't want to build one)

The conversion Guide and All Plans are available for download
right after the payment

    60 Days 100% Moneyback Satisfaction Guarantee

If after 60 days you still aren't getting better fuel efficiency simply contact us through our members zone explaining your issues and we will try to help. If you still can't get it working we will promptly refund 100% of your payment!

So what are you waiting for? Start Saving Money Today!





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